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Study Abroad - Spain


This guide is meant to provide resources for students in Donna Davisson's Study Abroad class to Australia. It will provide resources related to doing business research in Spain


A PESTLE analysis is a framework for diagnosing a company, industry, or countries business landscape. It stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental analysis. While that sounds long complicated, and it can be, it's really about being aware of external factors in the business entrainment. 

You will want to read an industry report if one is available, as well as do an article search (Business Source Complete, Wall Street Journal, NexisUni) for the different categories (or keywords related to each category). There is often useful information in the annual reports of corporations that file them, as well. 

The PESTLE analysis can be extremely long and in-depth, or it can cover key trends in each category. It requires your analysis of the external environment.