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Podcast Studio

Made possible in collaboration with the Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, the Podcast Studio is located on the 3rd floor of the library in RT 325. Up to 4 speakers may record in a 4-microphone setup. Multitrack recording can be done in either Audacity, a free software which can be installed on personal computers for later editing, or in Adobe Audition, which can also be used in the Digital Design Studio lab on all computers and on 2 computers in the library's 1st floor Learning Commons. 

The Podcast Studio can be reserved ahead of time by calling the Digital Design Studio at 216-687-9337, or if not in use, can be used for walk-in recording. The key for the room is checked out from the Digital Design Studio. 

Support for basic recording and editing is available from Digital Design Studio staff.

it is highly recommended that you bring a USB storage device with at least several gigabytes of store your recordings and project files. Data on Podcast Studio PC is not wiped between sessions, but as best practice you should back up your work to your own external storage or cloud storage after every session. We can not guarantee backup of your work on our computer. 

The full signal chain:

4 Rode Podmics (Dynamic Microphones)
1 Focusrite Scarlett USB Audio Interface
1 AKG Headphone Amplifier
4 Monitor headphones
1 Computer speaker for playback listening


Podcasting at CSU

If pro-quality isn't your goal, you can start recording a podcast on a smartphone. There are two ways to approach the process: Record on your phone, and then edit on a computer, or record and edit right on your mobile device. 

Before beginning your podcast, determine whether you will record audio separately on a mobile device or mobile recorder, with a built-in laptop microphone, or external microphone. 

The library has three Blue Yeti USB Microphones available for checkout.