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OTH 716: Occupational Therapy Foundations

APA Citation Style

Websites and webpages are often difficult to cite! Follow these steps to do the best you can:

  1. Copy and paste the URL into Zbib.
  2. Follow the guidance on the APA Style pages linked below to make corrections if needed:

Citation Management

Zotero is a powerful citation management tool that allows you to instantly save citations and easily generate a works cited list (bibliography).

  • Download Zotero and the Zotero connector for your browser
  • Set up syncing to keep your library up to date across devices
  • Four ways to capture and save citations:
    1. Use the "save to Zotero" icon in the upper right corner of your browser
    2. Use the "export citation" tool in a library database
    3. Use an identifier such as a DOI, PMID, or ISBN
    4. Enter citation information into Zotero manually
  • Use the Zotero toolbar in Word to add in-text citations and populate your Works Cited list
Use Zotero to keep your research organized!
  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Drag saved PDFs from your computer into your Zotero library to generate citations
  • Attach saved PDFs to items in your library 
  • WARNING: The storage limit for a free account is 300MB. This is a generous amount, but if you are saving a significant number of articles you may hit the limit. To avoid having to upgrade to a paid account, turn off automatic attachment of associated PDFs in your Zotero account preferences. Instead, link to full text using database permalinks.
Extra tips:
  • Practice using Zotero before you are working under a deadline. It's easy to use once you get the hang of it!
  • Clean up citations in your library - check for errors and missing information after citations are exported 
    • Zotero can help! For example, if an article title goes into Zotero in all caps, right click on it and "transform text" to "sentence case."
  • Watch the video tutorial below for a Zotero demonstration!

Other citation managers:

Avoiding Plagiarism

Definition of Plagiarism:

"Stealing and/or using the ideas or writings of another in a paper or report and claiming them as your own.  This includes but is not limited to the use, by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement."  - CSU Code of Student Conduct

Write and cite responsibly!
  • Cite your source for any idea that is not common knowledge.
  • Paraphrasing means integrating your research into your writing. Read thoroughly and filter information through your own understanding. Put it into your own words and include a citation to acknowledge your source.
  • Put quotation marks around direct quotes. 
  • Need help? Check out the citation style guides on this page or make an appointment with the Writing Center at 216-687-6981.