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Public Health Data

When citing data from a journal article or book, follow APA guidelines for citing those types of sources.

For websites and other types of sources, including government or other institutional reports, follow APA guidelines for citing those resources. Use Zbib or another citation generator with a "manual entry" option so you can enter citation elements into the appropriate fields. 

For other online sources of data and statistics, consider the following and use the template below to construct references:

  • date = year of publication for published data, or year(s) of collection for unpublished data
  • version number = if there is one, include it in parentheses ( ) after the title 
  • description in brackets [ ] is flexible - data set, data set and code book, unpublished raw data, etc. 
    • for an untitled data set, provide a description in square brackets of the publication status and focus of the data
    • when the source of unpublished raw data is known (e.g., a university or university department), include it at the end of the reference.







Author, A. A. & Author, B. B.

Name of Group.



Title of data set (Version 1.2) [Data set].

Title of data set [Unpublished raw data].

[Description of untitled data set] [Unpublished raw data].

Publisher Name.

Source of Unpublished Data.


Retrieved October 21, 2020, from https://xxxxx

from the  APA Manual, 7th ed., p. 337-338