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Michael Schwartz Library

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Michael Schwartz Library

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Welcome to the Michael Schwartz Library!

Michael Schwartz Library, Rhodes Tower

Welcome to the Research Guide for your library visit The resources collected here will help you complete your research paper.




Printing and Saving

To save a PDF of your article, hover your mouse over the article in the browser and wait for the "options" to appear. Click the save button, which looks like a floppy disk. 

To print, choose the printer icon in the PDF options.

To email the article to your self, use the email button on the right side of the browser window. Make sure to check the option to email the PDF as an attachment.

You can also temporarily store articles in a folder, by clicking the folder button. This is like adding items to your cart on or other online shopping websites. If you leave the database, you will lose your folder.

Essential Resources


You can use EBSCO to HELP you cite your articles. Click the Cite button and scroll down until you find MLA. Highlight the text, and copy it into a word document to keep track of your sources.


However, citations from EBSCO often contain errors, primarily in how words are capitalized or italicized. Always make sure to check for errors when using EBSCO citations, or other citation generators. You are responsible for the citations you turn in!