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Access to Kanopy

Access to Kanopy

Starting with the Fall 2019 semester, Cleveland State University no longer has unlimited access to the Kanopy streaming video platform. However, faculty will still be able to request films from this platform for use in instruction.

Previously, the Michael Schwartz Library purchased a one year license for each video played more than four times in a year. Over the past three years, increased use of Kanopy has resulted in a corresponding increase in cost ($11,490 in fiscal year 2017 to $34,960 in fiscal year 2019). As the cost of Kanopy continues to escalate, budgetary pressures make it more difficult for the library to offer unlimited access to this service for all faculty, students, and staff.

Title by Title Purchasing

In order to support instruction, the library will continue to provide access to Kanopy on a title by title basis by faculty request only. Faculty may request titles by contacting their subject librarian or through the request form on the Kanopy site. When you make your request, please include the course number, the date the film is needed, and how many semesters you anticipate requiring the film. Requests should be made at least a week in advance.

The library will then purchase a one or three year license as long as there are funds remaining. If a film is licensed, students will be able to view the title an unlimited number of times. Any films without a license will not be accessible. All currently licensed films have been added to the Scholar catalog. You can find Kanopy videos by searching the Author field for "Kanopy" in the catalog.

When the library purchases a license for a film, Kanopy is agreeing to rent the library access to the film for one or three years. The library cannot purchase permanent access to films from Kanopy. 

Alternatives to Kanopy

Physical Formats

For in class use, consider requesting the library purchase a physical copy of the title. 

Recreational Viewing

The Cleveland Public Library and Cuyahoga County Public Library currently offer Kanopy to cardholders. You can sign up for a Cleveland Public Library card at the User Services desk at the Michael Schwartz Library. 

Many public libraries offer other streaming video services to their patrons.