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Michael Schwartz Library

ESC 100 Library Guide

A concise guide to important resources for new undergraduate Engineering students in ESC100

Find Books

Scholar focuses your search on items owned by the Cleveland State Libraries. Use Scholar to find books, videos, audio recordings, journals, magazines, and more.  Your search will include materials in both hard-copy print and virtual electronic formats. 

Scholar Advanced Search provides additional limiters for refining your result list.

    After you complete a search in Scholar, clicking on the title of the material you're interested in will bring you to the item's record. The record will tell you more about the material, such as the name of the author, the publisher, and the publication date. To get even more information, click on the Full Record tab.

    Now you can see even more information, including the subject headings that have been assigned to this resource. Subject headings, which are words or phrases that describe the material, can be very helpful in telling you more about what this resource is about as well as guiding you to other relevant materials.

    Clicking on a subject heading will bring you a list of other library materials that have also been assigned this subject heading. This is an easy way to find your way to other relevant sources.

    Finding Books


    Books in the Michael Schwartz Library are arranged on the shelves according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. When searching for a book in Scholar, the LC call number can be found in the location portion of the record.  Below is a list of LC Call numbers in order:

    Engineering books are located on the 4th floor of the library starting with the call number T:

    Subclass TA - Engineering (General). Civil engineering
    Subclass TC - Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering
    Subclass TD - Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
    Subclass TE - Highway engineering. Roads and pavements
    Subclass TF - Railroad engineering and operation
    Subclass TG - Bridge engineering
    Subclass TH - Building construction
    Subclass TJ - Mechanical engineering and machinery
    Subclass TK - Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering
    Subclass TL - Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
    Subclass TN - Mining engineering. Metallurgy
    Subclass TP - Chemical technology

    OhioLINK is a collaboration between college and university libraries in the state of Ohio.  Through OhioLINK, books can be shared between libraries.  So if we don't have a book you need at CSU or someone else has checked it out, you can search for the book in OhioLINK, by clicking on the green OhioLINK button at the top of the record. See example below:


    OhioLINK books will be delivered to CSU within 3 - 5 days.  You will receive an email when your book has been received and you can pick them up at the User Services Desk with your Viking Card.