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Study Abroad - Morocco: Assignment

Research assignment

Two components:

  1. Research China’s New Silk Road. Describe how North Africa could/does/may play a role in this expansion effort. Specifically discuss Mr. Tajmouati’s (Chamber of Commerce director) opinion of Africa’s role as a “spectator.”
    1. Do you think this matches the USA’s approach to its development? Why or Why Not? Compare/contrast North Africa’s involvement (politically, economically, and logistically) with the other countries involved.
    2. Assuming they DO engage (meaning China provides them a seat at the table) what could they bring with them to support this role?
  2. Research FTZs in the USA, North Africa, and China
    1. How do the regulations differ; compare/contrast
    2. What government regulations support AND hinder free trade initiatives in these countries; compare/contrast
    3. Compare the Tangier port (and include their other ports as well) with critical/high traffic ports in the USA and China.
    4. Where do you anticipate, North Africa making the most gains?


  • Single-spaced, Times New Roman font, Font size 10.
  • Minimum 5 pages, maximum 8: NOT including tables/charts and reference page.
  • Must include a minimum of 6 additional references, not to include the video link, or the Africa book. IN ADDITION TO is the key here.

Recommended strategies

Try book and database searches on related topics. Use Business Source Complete for detailed business and economic analysis articles, Nexis Uni for news, and the Scholar Catalog to find books on the topics relevant to this assignment. 

These are some example searches that you might try.