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Students in the Library

Michael Schwartz Library

Students in the Connection Lounge
Michael Schwartz Library

ASC 101: Introduction to University Life: Library Activity

Exploring the Library

You will work with a group to complete a scavenger hunt activity in the library.

You will explore the physical space of the library in order to discover the location of resources and services and collect information about the library. Each member of the team will have a role.

Team Member Roles:

Leader/Timekeeper: Make sure everyone stays on task, and that the group returns by the appointed time.

Navigator: Takes charge of the map and gets the group to the different locations.

Recorder: Responsible for recording official answers and handing in the answer sheet.

Photographer: Takes required photos and shows them to the library instructor.

QR Code Scanner: Scans QR code signs and helps the team find answers to questions.