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ART 495: Art & the Holocaust

Journal Articles

To find peer-reviewed journal articles on a topic, search in one of the Research Databases listed below. Research Databases contain citations or references to articles published in various journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Many of the Research Databases also contain the full text of articles, either in HTML or PDF format.

Find It! iconAdobe PDF icon *Look for these icons.


Did you find a citation for an interesting article in one of the Research Databases? See if the library provides access by searching Journals at CSU.

Specialized Journals

Normally, the process of research involves searching by topic in an index or database. However, there are occasionally such important journals in a field that they deserve to be studied. In this case, the journal is:

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Core ART Research Databases

Start your search for articles in these Core Art Research Databases:

Additional Research Databases

Doing research in the field of Art History involves learning about the culture, literature, and history of the time. The following databases will help you discover background information for your research paper topics.