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Faculty: Information Literacy in Business: Example Learning Outcomes


Authority is Contextual

  • Students seek out authoritative market research, and are aware of qualities which indicate credibility
  • Students understand the limits of secondary research and recognize when primary research must be conducted
  • Students can formulate plans to gather primary market research and recognize their own authority in building knowledge
  • Students recognize traditional and untraditional methods for gathering market research, and use each when appropriate
  • Students are aware of key market information sources, including government reports, proprietary databases or products, and trade associations

Information Creation As A Process

  • Students can describe how an information resource was created and consider the creation process when using it
  • Students are familiar with market research methods
  • Students understand the strengths and weaknesses of various information creation processes, and seek out appropriate kinds of information for different needs

Information Has Value

  • Students gather primary market research ethically
  • Students understand the resources needed to gather primary market research
  • Students credit original sources of information
  • Students are aware that some sources of information are free and others require access fees, either through one-time purchases or subscriptions
  • Students are aware of what information is public, what is proprietary, and what may be unavailable

Research As Inquiry

  • Students clearly state their information needs when posed with a business problem
  • Students consider outside constraints (time and access) when considering their research strategy for business problems
  • Students identify proper channels for gathering needed information
  • Students recognize that information leads to more informed decisions, mitigating risk in a business environment

Scholarship as Conversation

  • Students recognize key marketing theories and concepts and understand how that knowledge was established
  • Students monitor and seek out new trends within marketing, while evaluating new information

Searching as Strategic Exploration

  • Students are aware of and can find marketing information using key resources
  • Students seek out market information from multiple sources
  • Students understand how different types of market research is compiled, and apply that knowledge to use information systems effectively