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Darius Milhaud Society

A guide for those interested in Darius Milhaud, the Darius Milhaud Society, or its founder, Katherine Warne.

About the Darius Milhaud Society

The Darius Milhaud Society was founded by Katharine Warne in 1986 in Cleveland, OH. The organization had as its purpose the promotion and preservation of Darius Milhaud's music and legacy. 

Included in the Michael Schwartz Library's collection are letters, books, and articles written by or about Darius Milhaud, photographs of Milhaud and relevant music events, program and festival guides for Milhaud works, and Milhaud's original compositions. Also included in the collection are photographs and documents about and supporting the Darius Milhaud Society (including letters, notes, and the society's newsletters). 

Darius Milhaud Society Newsletters

The Darius Milhaud Society was founded in Cleveland in January 1984. Its chief purpose was to encourage the performance of a wide repertoire of Milhaud's music all over the United States. Milhaud published 443 compositions and the treasure of his music is comparable in both quantity and quality to that of J. S. Bach.

The Darius Milhaud Society Newsletter was published to inform individuals and organizations of new publications, recordings, performances, and activities relating to Darius Milhaud and his music.

Digital reprints of the newsletters, ranging in dates from 1985 to 2002 can be found in this digital repository.