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ASC 101 (STEM) - Common Reading Research Guide 2015-2016: Hidden America: APA Citations

A guide for Dr. Jenkins' and Dr. Margolius' class.

Can you recognize plagiarism?

Can you recognize plagiarism?

Commonly Used Style Guides

Other Citation Styles

Did you know there are many different citation styles?

Different academic disciplines have different expectations for how works are cited. Journals may even have their own style for citing works.

Here are a few examples. 


APA Citation Style

APA Style is a discipline specific formatting and citation style guide used to document the sources you paraphrase, quote, and use in your research paper or project. The style determines the exact format of your citations by specifying the publication information that must be included and the order of this information as well as capitalization and punctuation. The style also determines the paper format or set up.

What is APA?

  • APA stands for American Psychological Association
  • Used in the social sciences.
  • The Nursing Program at CSU also uses APA.
  • Sources used appear at the end of the paper in an alphabetical list called References. 

Learn more at American Psychological Association's APA Style.

Why do I have to cite? Frustraetd student working on MLA citations.

  • It is the ONLY way to avoid plagiarism! Plagiarism is a very serious offense with consequences
  • The author or creator of the original work deserves to be recognized and given credit.

Learn more about plagiarism and avoiding plagiarism at the CSU Writing Center website.

Where can I get help?


APA Guides, Tutorials and Quizzes

The OneSearch (beta) Citation Tool

Did you know that OneSearch provides a tool to help you create your citations?  After you select an item and click on the title to see the full entry, there will be a set of  "Tools" on the right hand side of the page. You can use "Email" or "Print" to generate a citation. Select Email or Print and use the drop down menu to select the citation style your need.  You can also select "Cite." This will generate a list of common citation styles.  You can copy and paste the citation into your works cited or reference page.  Always check the citations accuracy.  There can be errors, even when he citation is generated by a computer program.

CAUTION: Although the citation tool is a helpful time saver, you still MUST CHECK the citation to be sure it is correct.

The One Search Citation Formatter Options

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