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ASC 101 (STEM) - Common Reading Research Guide 2015-2016: Hidden America: Scholarly Sources

A guide for Dr. Jenkins' and Dr. Margolius' class.

Reading Scholarly Articles and Scientific Papers

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Popular, Trade or Scholarly?

Not all articles are created equal. There are specific qualities that distinguish articles published in popular magazines and newspapers, trade journals, and scholarly journals.  Be sure that the type of article you are using matches your professor's expectations and your research needs.

What does peer reviewed mean?

Peer-reviewed articles are also known as "scholarly" or "refereed" articles.  Before being accepted for publication in a journal, they have been reviewed by a panel of experts in that field or on that topic. Peer-reviewed articles are the best available.

A search in Academic Search Complete and other select research databases can be limited to peer-reviewed journal articles by checking off the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" box under "Limit your results."

Another way to determine if an article is peer-reviewed is by checking the journal, not article, title in Ulrich's International Periodical Directory. Enter the journal title and if a referee shirt is shown in the listing, it is refereed or peer-reviewed.


Appearance eye-catching cover; glossy paper; color pictures and illustrations; each issue starts with page number 1 cover depicts industrial setting; glossy paper; color pictures and illustrations; each issue starts with page number 1 plain cover; plain paper; black and white graphics and illustrations; consecutive pagination throughout each volume
Audience nonprofessionals members of a specific business, industry, or organization researchers and professionals
Content personalities, news and general interest articles; articles written by staff, may be unsigned industry trends, new products or techniques, and organizational news; articles written by staff and contributing authors research projects, methodology, and theory; article written by contributing authors; authors are professionals and researchers in the field
Accountability editorial review editorial review; may have short bibliographies peer reviewed, refereed; extensive bibliographies


moderate; all or most are trade related few or none
Examples Gourmet
Psychology Today
Chilton's Food Engineering
Public Management
APA Monitor
Advertising Age

Journal of Food Science
Urban Studies
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Extension

Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer reviewed articles are also called scholarly, refereed, or juried.

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