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ASC 101 (STEM) - Common Reading Research Guide 2015-2016: Hidden America: Before You Search

A guide for Dr. Jenkins' and Dr. Margolius' class.

Sample Concept Maps

Use and create your own online mind map graphic organizer.

Get to Know Your Topic

Writing about an unfamilair topic? Gather background information on your topic from reference books to help you understand and focus your topic.  Background information will help you identify key concepts and search terms.

Try these online sources

You will need a Libray PIN to access these databases from off-campus.

    Concept Mapping: How to Start Your Research Paper

    Brainstorming about your research topic is an essential step in the research process. Concept maps are a great tool for brainstorming and connecting your ideas.

    For your Common Reading Research Assignment, create a concept map for the topic you plan to research for the annotated bibliography assignnment.  Your research topic will be at the center of your map.

    Belk Library at Appalachain State University offers an example of how to use a concept map to brainstorm search terms and narrow down to an acceptable research question or thesis.

    Using Wikipedia for Academic Research