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A Guide to Biology Research: Citations

A guide for Biology faculty and students.

Protecting Yourself from Plagiarism

Definition of Plagiarism--

"Stealing and/or using the ideas or writings of another in a paper or report and claiming them as your own.  This includes but is not limited to the use, by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement."  - CSU Code of Student Conduct

Be sure to always cite your sources for any ideas used in your paper that are not common knowledge. Also put quotation marks around direct quotes. For additional writing and citing help, check out the citation style guides on this page or make an appointment with the Writing Center at 216-687-6981.


CSE/CBE Manual

The Michael Schwartz Library has the CSE/CBE Manual available for reference:

CSE/CBE Citations

Most Biology professors require you to use either CSE/CBE style sheets to cite your sources. The Citation Guides page on the Library's Virtual Reference Desk contains links to websites to help you format your citations.

EndNote Online

We have access to EndNote Online, a reference management tool, through our Web of Science database subscription. You may set up an account for EndNote Online by clicking on the "Register"  button at the following link and entering your CSU email address:  

Link to Register for EndNote Online Account

Once you have an account, you can add a "Cite While You Write" plugin which will add a tab within Word and allow you to create in-text citations:

Location of EndNote Link in Thomson Reuters

You can also download a "Capture Reference" gadget to your toolbar to easily import citations from a web page.

Capture Reference  Location of Capture Reference widget in browser toolbar.

If you have questions or would like help in setting up EndNote Basic, please contact Theresa.

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Help for EndNote Basic