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ebooks @ CSU Research Guide: Safari Books Online

This research guide provides information about accessing and using the eBook collections available at the Michael Schwartz Library.

O'Reilly (formerly Safari Online Books)

O'Reilly (formerly Safari Online Books) is a collection of science, technology, and technical books from a variety of publishers.

Please Note: Access to this ebook collection is restricted to CSU students, faculty, and staff with a valid CSU email address. You will register with a CSU email ( or and you will log in with your CSU ID number and password you create for O'Reilly.

Additional Support

For additional support, you can refer to O'Reilley's materials, or contact a reference librarians at 216-687-5300.

How to use O'Reilly (formerly Safari Online Books)

When you access O'Reilly (formerly Safari Books Online) through the Research Databases link or through a Scholar catalog record, you will need to sign in. Signing in both authenticates you into the system, and allows you to access your browsing history, create reading lists or 'playlists' and make highlights and notes within the texts you read. The first time you access O'Reilly, you will enter your academic email ( or and register, creating a password. 

Safari Books Online login screen

In the future, after you have created an account, you will click "Already a User? Click Here" and sign in using your CSU email and O'Reilly password that you created. 

Safari Books Online log-in page

O'Reilly is navigated using the tabs on the left side of the screen. The home page features a search box, recommended books, curated playlists referred to as "learning paths", and several other categories of content.  

Navigation tab  

There are several ways to find books in O'Reilly. If you are starting in the O'Reilly platform, you may want to browse for books by topic. 

To do so, first click on the "Topic" navigation item on the left. You can then select from a list of top-level topics in the drop down menu that appears at the top of the Topics page. Following this, O'Reilly will show you the titles that in that category, and allow you to drill down further into subtopics. 

Safari Books Online navigation     Safari Books Online topics     Safari Books Online topics - second level








On O'Reilly homepage, there is a large search box at the top of the screen. 

Safari Books Online search box

O'Reilly will search by keyword by default. You can select the 'Filter' button to search by title, author, or publisher. On most other O'Reilly pages, there is still a small search box available.

Safari Books Online search box

When you submit a search, O'Reilly will return all books that meet your search. O'Reilly searches the full text of its collection when you do the default keyword search, so the search is quite powerful and will usually return many results for simpler searches. Along with the results, O'Reilly provides you with many options to filter the results. 

Safari Books Online search filters

Books will open to show some basic information, like the title, author, and publisher as well as a short description and a table of contents. To start reading the book, you can click "Start Reading Now" or can click on a table of contents item. 

Start Reading Now button


While reading a book, you simply scroll through the chapter or section in your web browser. In the right corner, you will see several icons.

The magnifying glass icon searches the full text of the current book you are reading.

Add to playlist This icon will allow you to add the current section to a 'playlist', a customizable collection of books, book sections, or videos you can create in Safari.

Size This icon allows you to adjust the size of the text.

Share This icon allows you to 'share' the book or section to social media.

When you select a piece of text in the browser using your cursor, you can choose to copy the text, add a permanent highlight marker, or add a note. 

Highlighting and adding notes.

When you select a piece of text in the browser using your cursor, you can choose to copy the text, add a permanent highlight marker, or add a note. 

Highlighting and adding notes.


Stored highlights and notesTo access your past highlights and notes, you can select the Highlights icon from the Navigation bar on the left. 

Stored highlights and notes section

Here you can navigate back to your highlights, and view your notes.