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ebooks @ CSU Research Guide: OhioLINK Electronic Book Center

This research guide provides information about accessing and using the eBook collections available at the Michael Schwartz Library.

EBC - Scholarly & Reference

The Scholarly & Reference collection can be used for finding general or specific information on a wide variety of topics, with an especially strong collection in the social sciences. Titles are published by ABC-CLIO, Gale, Oxford University Press, Sage, and Springer.

EBC - American & English Literature

The American & English Literature collection offers the full text of select English language literature ranging from the 20th century to as early as the 12th century.


The OhioLINK Electronic Book Center is a large repository of ebooks consisting of two large collections: Scholarly & Reference, and American & English Literature. Some books are available only in plain text, while others are include PDF versions of chapters or sections available for download.

The search function is designed more for full-text keyword searching than finding specific titles; users looking for specific books should search the SCHOLAR online catalog.

The Scholarly & Reference E-Book Collection contains electronic books purchased by Ohio academic libraries from these publishers:

  • ABC-CLIO: educational reference books – encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical collections, guides – on many specialized topics, primarily in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Gale: reference books published by Thomson Gale; also includes a few reference books from Macmillan, Saur, and Scribner.
  • Oxford University Press: important scholarly books, both classic and newly-published works, in the humanities and social sciences. Oxford imprints include OUP Oxford, OUP USA, and Clarendon Press.
  • Sage: encyclopedias and reference handbooks from the Sage eReference catalog, mainly in the social sciences.
  • Springer: high-quality scientific, technological and medical books. Springer imprints also include Apress, Birkhäuser, Physica-Verlag, Steinkopff, and others.

Subcollections within the American & English Literature Collection include:.

  • Poetry: African-American Poetry 1700-1900; 20th Century African-American Poetry; American Poetry 1600-1900; 20th Century American Poetry; English Poetry; 20th Century English Poetry
  • Drama: American Drama; English Prose Drama 1280-1915; English Verse Dramas 13th-19th Centuries
  • Fiction: Early American Fiction 1774-1850; 18th Century Fiction 1700-1800
  • Also: Bibliography of American Literature; Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare; William Butler Yeats Collection; The Bible in English

The EBC's homepage defaults to searching the Scholarly & Reference Collection.

You may click on "American & English Literature" above the search bar to switch the collection to be searched, or click on one of the collection names in the left column for more advanced searching options.


You may search the Scholarly & Reference collection by keyword from the EBC homepage or from the collection search page.

Clicking Advanced Search allows for more refined searching, including subject, year range, title, author, words to be excluded, and word proximity.

The American & English Literature collection contains several subcollections. Advanced searching can be accessed by clicking on the collection name in the left column, or you can select the collection in the right column and search from the start page for the American & English collection.

Search results in the EBC will display search and sorting parameters in the top of the window, limiting options in the left column, and titles in the right hand column.

The top section will display the number of results, sorting method, and the option to skip to the next page of results.
The left column allows you to break results down by assigned subject, or date.

The right column contains results. Each result is displayed with title, author, publisher, date, and subject information, and additionally the number of times the keywords appear in the text of the book. You may click "Add" to add the title to your "Bookbag," which will temporarily store the names of books you add and can be emailed to yourself or others for later reference.

Click the title of a result to view the book.

Books in the EBC will open to display another split view. The left column will display a table of contents, with hyperlinks to sections and a number indicating the number of times the keywords appear in each section.

Depending on the how the publisher has formatted the ebooks, these hyperlinks often expand to reveal more sections. Many of the books are reference style books and the first level of the table of contents is laid out alphabetically. 

The right column displays the actual text of the book being viewed. Highlighted text refers to matches for your keyword. In many EBC books, there are hyperlinks within the text to either other sections of the book, or outside sources. 

Resizing of the viewing area is possible by holding the cursor between the left and right sections of the screen until the cursor icon changes, and clicking and dragging with the left mouse button.