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MUS 113: Writing About Music

This guide covers use of major music resources and skill-building information on how to physically and virtually find books, scores and recordings.

Evaluating Sources

Before using any information you should critically evaluate source, especially if it is from a website.  

Ask yourself:


  • How current is the information? Does currency matter for your topic?


  • Where did the information come from? Are there citations?
  • Is it sponsored by an organization that might have a bias? How can you tell?
  • Is the data sound? Could another conclusion be made based on the data? Is there data missing?


  • Who wrote or presented the information? Is this person trustworthy/an expert? How do you know?
  • Does the writer have a degree in the subject? What are his or her affiliations (where does the author work)? What do others in the field think about this person?
  • What else has this person written about the topic? Is he or she an expert?


  • For what purpose is this information being made available? Does it match your own research purposes?

Be sure to ask a librarian if you're still unsure if a website or article is appropriate for your research.

Evaluating Sources Presentation