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A Guide to Psychology Research: Tests

Databases with test and measurement information


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about finding tests, visit Diane Kolosionek's EDB 601 Research Guide.


Why is it so hard to find a test to use for my paper?

Students frequently become very anxious and frustrated looking for a test to use for their paper.

Why? Because they are looking for a test that is published in full, so that they can use it for their own experiment.

Sometimes you will find the full text of a scale, test or measurement, but most of the time you will find a reference to an article or book that published the test or information about the test.

Many tests are proprietary--they are owned by someone or something that wants to be paid for the test's use. That's why not all tests are available in full text. But, if you track back to the original article, you may see the test printed in full in the original article, or in the appendix. Many times it is worth the effort. Occasionally the author of a test will give you permission to use his/her test. So, you can try emailing them with this request.

The databases are the best place to start your search, or you can use books like the ones I have listed on this page.

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