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High School to College: Resources for Librarians and Teachers: Assessment

This guide is designed to provide practical and useful information for librarians and teachers interested in preparing high school students academically for college courses and research.

Why is assessment important?

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Assessment allows students and educators to track learning. Formative and summative assessments allow teacher librarians to:

  • How well they are teaching.
  • How well the students are learning.
  • Whether they are teaching the right material at the right time.
  • What they should teach next.
  • What they should re-teach.
  • What they do not need to teach at all.
  • Whether they are covering the expected curriculum satisfactorily.
  • What to report to parents and administrators.
  • Where they stand on issues of accountability.


Formative Assessment

What is Formative Assessment?

  • Assessment for learning
  • Occurs during learning and teaching process  
  • Informs and guides instruction
  • Feedback for student; students have the opportunity to adjust behaviors
  • Ongoing
  • Examples: Know/Want to Know, Exit Slips, Minute Paper, Muddiest Point
  • Classroom response systems (Clickers) work well if you have access to a set.Students taking a test

Internet Resources

Summative Assessment

What is summative assessment?

  • Assessment of learning
  • Occurs at end of learning and teaching process
  • Evaluate overall progress
  • One point in time
  • Examples: TRAILS, SAILS, ACT, final exam

Internet Resource

  • TRAILS: Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills 

Internet Resources for Assessment