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MKT 495 - Ruggeri Spring 2022

Project Resources

Try searching tree care industry publications, blogs, and company websites for insights about onboarding, retention, and turnover. You'll likely want to try a variety of search terms (tree care, tree worker, arborist and possibly more) to cover all the ways these employees could be discussed.

For even more targeted searching, try searching key terms in quotation marks, use proximity searching (term 1 AROUND(X) term 2), or include filetype:pdf for published reports. 

Government Employment Statistics

NAICS code - 561730

Occupations: tree trimmers, landscape and groundskeeping workers (Arborists aren't given their own designation within the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupation code system).

Employer Reviews

Associations and Organizations

Industry and professional associations often public news and trends for their members, whether that's people in a specific occupation or specific industry. Some content will be available only to members.