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Project Resources

Industry Reports

Industry reports are a good place to start for market research no matter what. They serve as good introductions to an industry if you are unfamiliar, as well as providing detailed statistics and trends to aid in further research and analysis of your marketing problem. 

IBISWorld should provide a solid start for industry research. Note: if there is not a report for the specific industry, try thinking a little broader. is there a larger industry to which your niche industry belongs?

Industry associations and industry publications are a source of updates, news, networking, professional development - information - for people working in an industry. At the very least, you'll want to be aware of the relevant associations and publications. They may even be part of your marketing strategy. 

Industry associations offer networking for members, lobby to governments on behalf of the industry, provide professional development, and sometimes collect industry data. They also maintain industry directories, and sometimes organize industry trade shows or conferences. 

Industry publications offer news, trends, and insights about an industry. They also sometimes contain advertisements. An industry publication could be a periodical, like a magazine, or it might be online only as a website. Either way, it's one way to get a pulse on an industry to find out what issues are important. 

Note: For both association websites and industry publications, some features and content may only be available to members. 

Finding associations

The simplest and most direct way to identify industry associations is to use a search engine - type 'your industry' and association, organization, etc. 

IBISWorld will also list several  relevant organizations on the first section of the report, under 'Additional Resources'. 


Finding publications 

Not infrequently, a trade association will have a portion of its site dedicated to news - it may also have an official publication. 

You can easily search for publications using a search engine like Google as well - 'your industry' + 'news, trends, etc.'.

Many industry publications are also  searchable in Business Source Complete and other library databases. You can filter to 'industry publication"