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Mandel Continuing Scholar Summer Seminar

A guide for students completing research in the Mandel Continuing Scholars program.


The Michael Schwartz Library is pleased to offer a series of tutorials for students who are hoping to learn more about avoiding plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious offense, but many students struggle to avoid it, whether because they simply don't understand how to properly cite sources, are in a panic about turning in an assignment, or have learned from others that plagiarism can be a way to deal with information overload.

Please note that if you are taking this workshop for course/extra credit, you will need to complete the workshop in Blackboard. Check your Blackboard homepage for a new course titled "Avoiding Plagiarism." 

If you are a faculty member considering offering this workshop for extra credit, please contact a librarian to set up your students in the Blackboard version of this workshop. Student responses are not saved in tutorials on this research guide.

Don't Be a Copycat Tutorials