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Engaged Scholarship: Journals: Features and Getting Started


Features include:

  • Custom branding and design
  • Professional-grade submission management, editorial, and peer-reviewed tools
  • Flexible work-flow, including double-blind peer review
  • Support for all content type
  • Industry leading search-engine optimization

Readership Map

See the Global Impact of your Journal 

Readership metrics shows editors, authors, and other stakeholders where your journal is being read. Filter, export and share analytics such as readership by region, country, and institution or industry, search referrer trends and usage trends over time.

Readership Map

Readership Reports

Journal authors will receive monthly readership reports via email, where they can link directly to their author dashboard to view their up-to-date download information.    

Readership Report

Sample Journal

​Below is an existing customized journal published in EngagedScholarship @ Cleveland State University (click the image to link to the journal): 

Is Open Access Publishing Right for your Journal?

The Journal Checklist can help you to determine whether or not open access publishing is right for your journal.

Open Access Journal Agreement

Review what services the Michael Schwartz Library can provide and what is expected of the journal editor and college or department.

Journal Setup Form

More information

Email for more information or to begin the process of publishing your journal.Michael Schwartz Library Logo