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E-books for National Hispanic Heritage Month

posted by Donna Stewart on 2023-10-02T13:56:00-04:00 in Hispanic Studies | 0 Comments

national hispanic heritage month

During the annual month-long celebration honoring the cultures, history and heritage of Hispanic and Latino Americans, we're featuring e-books that explore the experiences, celebrate the contributions, and promote understanding of the diverse cultures within the Hispanic and Latinx communities. Learn more about National Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Browse a few recent & featured titles:

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The Power of Latino Leadership, Second Edition, Revised and Updated by Juana Bordas
ISBN: 9781523004096
Publication Date: 2023
Experience the power of inclusion, community, and taking action! An updated, expanded edition. By 2045 Latinos will make up 1 in 4 Americans. They are projected to be 78% of the new entries into the labor force in the next ten years. By sheer numbers alone, Latinos will shape the 21st Century. What does it take to lead such a varied and vibrant people who hail from twenty-six countries and are a blend of different races? And what can leaders of all cultures and ethnicities learn from how Latinos lead? Juana Bordas takes us on a journey to the very heart and soul of Latino leadership. She offers 10 principles that richly illustrate the inclusive, people-centered, socially responsible, and life-affirming ways Latinos have led their community. This model is uniquely suited to this century's multicultural, global age. This new and expanded edition includes a chapter on intergenerational leadership that recognizes vast generational shifts are occurring: ten thousand Baby Boomers retire every day and Millennials and Zs are the largest generations in history. Six out of 10 Latinos are millennials. This new chapter can guide us in preparing the next generations to take the helm of leadership. This unprecedented and wide-ranging book shows that Latino leadership is indeed powerful and distinctive and has lessons that can inform leaders of every background.

We Were Always Here: A Mexican American's Odyssey
by Ricardo Chavira
ISBN: 9781518506505
Publication Date: 2021
A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Ricardo Chavira writes in his memoir about the challenges growing up in a marginalized community in Pacoima, California, where he attended a high school notorious for gang violence and inadequate teaching. Against all the odds, he managed to reject gang affiliation, avoid serious crimes, evade the Vietnam War draft and earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. He became passionate about journalism because it gave him the chance to report about the lives of Latinos that mainstream American media either ignored or misrepresented.
Chavira was one of the few Latinos working in the most elite newsrooms in the United States, covering natural disasters, including the 8.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Mexico City in 1985, and interviewing the likes of Mexican presidents Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Vicente Fox and Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega. Interspersing his journalistic adventures with his family's history as Americans, Chavira examines his dual identities Mexican and American and their contribution to his success in navigating and reporting stories around the world.
Cover ArtLatino Identity and Political Attitudes: Why are Latinos not Republican? by Angel Saavedra Cisneros
ISBN: 9783319339696
Publication Date: 2017
This book explores the forces that shape Latino political preferences, arguing that social identities are at the center of Latino partisanship.  Despite hopes of the Republican Party for bringing in Latinos through religious and moral issues, Latinos in America consistently side with the Democratic Party. Two possible explanations based on social identity emerge as theories of Latino partisanship. The first possibility is that Latinos behave as a single-issue public driven politically by the issue of immigration. A thorough exploration of this possibility in part two of the book finds very little evidence to justify treating Latinos as a single-issue public. The second explanation, presented in part three, relies more heavily on the concept of social identities. Latino pan-ethnic identity emerges as one of multiple identities available to Latinos in America. These multiple, diverse, and overlapping identities are the force behind Latino partisanship. Latino ethnic identity trumps the impact of religious identities in making Latinos more Democratic.
Cover ArtLatinx Business Success: How Latinx Ingenuity, Innovation, and Tenacity are Driving Some of the World's Biggest Companies by Frank Carbajal; Jose Morey
ISBN: 9781119840831
Publication Date: 2021
An inspiring new message of resilient leadership Latinx Business Success delivers a powerful and inspiring message of Latinx leadership. Via interviews with many of the most accomplished Latin business leaders in the United States, authors Frank Carbajal and José Morey offer readers a full picture of what it takes to succeed in modern leadership and how to close the digital divide that keeps Latinx people underrepresented in positions of authority. The book explores the authors' DIGITAL framework--which includes the principles of Decision, Intelligence, Game Plan, Insight, Technology, Abundance, and Leverage--and explains how each element of the system contributes to leadership success for current and aspiring Latinx leaders. Readers will also find: Interviews with renowned and accomplished leaders from the Latinx community, including Ramiro Cavazos, President and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Esther Aguilera, President & CEO at Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA), and Silvina Moschini, Executive Producer at The Unicorn Hunters Show, and Cofounder, President, & Chairwoman of the Board of Transparent Business. Discussions of what it means to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive society and how we'll know when we've realized that goal Coverage of a wide variety of industry sectors, including healthcare, media, education, finance, tech, and athletics Perfect for managers, executives, and business leaders of all kinds who seek a new and refreshing perspective on leadership, Latinx Business Success is also required reading for any member of the Latinx community who hopes to make innovative contributions to the business world.
Cover ArtLatinx Shakespeares by Carla Della Gatta
ISBN: 9780472903740
Publication Date: 2023
Latinx peoples and culture have permeated Shakespearean performance in the United States for over 75 years--a phenomenon that, until now, has been largely overlooked as Shakespeare studies has taken a global turn in recent years. Author Carla Della Gatta argues that theater-makers and historians must acknowledge this presence and influence in order to truly engage the complexity of American Shakespeares. Latinx Shakespeares investigates the history, dramaturgy, and language of the more than 140 Latinx-themed Shakespearean productions in the United States since the 1960s--the era of West Side Story. This first-ever book of Latinx representation in the most-performed playwright's canon offers a new methodology for reading ethnic theater looks beyond the visual to prioritize aural signifiers such as music, accents, and the Spanish language. The book's focus is on textual adaptations or performances in which Shakespearean plays, stories, or characters are made Latinx through stage techniques, aesthetics, processes for art-making (including casting), and modes of storytelling. The case studies range from performances at large repertory theaters to small community theaters and from established directors to emerging playwrights. To analyze these productions, the book draws on interviews with practitioners, script analysis, first-hand practitioner insight, and interdisciplinary theoretical lenses, largely by scholars of color. Latinx Shakespeares moves toward healing by reclaiming Shakespeare as a borrower, adapter, and creator of language whose oeuvre has too often been mobilized in the service of a culturally specific English-language whiteness that cannot extricate itself from its origins within the establishment of European/British colonialism/imperialism.

Cover Art

LGBTQ+ Affirmative Psychological Interventions: A Latine/x Perspective by Editors: Reynel Alexander Chaparro, Roberto L. Abreu
ISBN: 9783031306440
Publication Date: 2023
This book presents descriptions of interventions, results of empirical research, and theoretical contributions developed by Latine/x psychologists based on affirmative approaches aimed at promoting acceptance and understanding of LGBTIQ+ people. Contributions in this volume bring together the work of Latine/x scholars, practitioners, and activists across five Latin American countries or territories (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico) and in the United States, in an effort to provide multicultural perspectives to LGBTIQ+ affirmative psychological interventions that highlight local, regional and national particularities. Chapters in this volume go beyond contributions made by applied psychology fields (e.g., clinical and counselling psychology), where affirmative orientations are predominantly located, and include contributions from other fields of psychological research such as social and community psychology. The book is divided in two parts. Chapters in the first part focus on the experiences of trans and gender non-conforming people, with emphasis on contemporary systemic issues that affect gender identity among Latine/x communities and those who do not conform to hegemonic narratives about gender. Chapters in the second part focus on sexual identity among Latine/x LGBTIQ+ people and their families and communities. Contributions in this part present discussions about sexual orientation (grouped in LG/LGB identities), sex and gender dissidence, and the inclusion of intersex. LGBTQ+ Affirmative Psychological Interventions: A Latine/x Perspective will be of interest to both researchers and practitioners in different fields of psychology such as clinical, counselling, social, and community psychology interested in a multicultural perspective to understand and develop LGBTQ+ affirmative actions to fight against the repathologization of individuals, groups, families and diverse communities
Cover ArtGeographies of girlhood in US Latina writing : decolonizing spaces and identities, by Andrea Fernández García
ISBN: 9783030201074
Publication Date: 2020
This book is an in-depth study of Latina girls, portrayed in five coming-of-age narratives. The texts under study here are Julia Alvarez’s Return to Sender (2009), Norma E. Cantú’s Canícula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera (1995), Mary Helen Ponce’s Hoyt Street: An Autobiography (1993), and Esmeralda Santiago’s When I Was Puerto Rican (1993) and Almost a Woman (1998). Unlike most representations of Latina girls, which are characterized by cultural inaccuracies, tropes of exoticism, and a tendency to associate the host society with modernity and their girls’ cultures of origin with backwardness and oppression, these texts contribute to reimagining the social differently from what the dominant imagery offers.


Cover ArtThe Boy Who Touched the Stars / el niño Que Alcanzó Las Estrellas
Steven James Petruccio (Illustrator); José M. Hernández; Gabriela Baeza Ventura (Translator)
ISBN: 9781518505799
Publication Date: 2019

In this bilingual picture book, astronaut José M. Hernández recounts his childhood as the son of Mexican migrant workers and his life-long dream to travel to the stars.
Cover ArtThe New Entrepreneurs by Zulema Valdez
ISBN: 9780804777179
Publication Date: 2020
For many entrepreneurs, the American Dream remains only partially fulfilled. Unequal outcomes between the middle and lower classes, men and women, and Latino/as, whites, and blacks highlight continuing inequalities and constraints within American society. With a focus on a diverse group of Latino entrepreneurs, this book explores how class, gender, race, and ethnicity all shape Latino entrepreneurs' capacity to succeed in business in the United States. Bringing intersectionality into conversation with theories of ethnic entrepreneurship, Zulema Valdez considers how various factors create, maintain, and transform the social and economic lives of Latino entrepreneurs. While certain group identities may impose unequal, if not discriminatory, starting positions, membership in these same social groups can provide opportunities to mobilize resources together. Valdez reveals how Latino entrepreneurs--as members of oppressed groups on the one hand, yet "rugged individualists" striving for the American Dream on the other--work to recreate their own positions within American society.


Cover ArtThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latinoax Theology by Orlando O. Espin (Editor)
ISBN: 9781119870333
Publication Date: 2023
The new edition of the standard resource for those teaching or learning Latinoax theology Now in its second edition, The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latinoax Theology remains the most up-to-date, fully ecumenical collection of scholarship in the field. Bringing together contributions by a diverse panel of established scholars and newer voices within various theological disciplines, this comprehensive volume challenges Western readings of Christianity and offers fresh insights into theological truth from varied cultural and ethnic perspectives. The Companion addresses a wide range of Latinoax contexts while highlighting the thought of female, male, and LGBTQ+ Latinoax scholars in theology, introducing readers to this significant movement. Each chapter provides the historical background of a particular topic, explores its treatment by Latinoax theologians, discusses the current state of the topic, and offers the unique perspective of internationally recognized authors. The revised second edition incorporates recent developments within Latinoax studies, featuring new and expanded chapters that reflect numerous traditions of thought, up-to-date sources and methodologies, diverse intra-Latinoax communities, and contemporary Latinoax theologies and theologians. This invaluable and unique companion: Provides a systematic account of the past, present, and future of Latinoax theology Features new essays by the most influential voices in the field, incorporating recent research from Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical scholars Addresses the Latinoax experience of alienation and marginalization Represents the wide range of ecclesial and theological traditions Discusses Latinoax in timely contexts such as politics, immigration, feminism, gender, queer theory, and social and economic justice Edited by one of the world's leading Latino theologians, The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latinoax Theology, Second Edition is an indispensable resource for academic scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, and instructors in universities and seminaries covering courses in theology, political thought, Latinoax studies, religion in the United States, and related topics.

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