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A Guide to Physical Therapy

This Research Guide contains research resources and services for Physical Therapy.

Essential Databases

  • When you find an article of interest in NARIC's REHABDATA, use the title of the journal to search Journals at CSU.

More Databases

Search Tips

Productive and effective searching:

  • Start with one or two keywords 
    • Add terms with AND to narrow results (exercise AND fatigue)
    • If needed, combine synonyms with OR to include related terms (neurological OR neuromuscular)
  • Review results to brainstorm additional or alternate keyword options
  • Try multiple searches with different keywords and explore more than one database
  • Apply limiters thoughtfully
    • After seeing how productive your keywords are, limit by date range and English language
    • Other limiters to try:
      • Peer Reviewed (articles must be approved by other scholars before publication)
      • Other database-specific limit options (age range, type of study, etc.)
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